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Winter has arrived

The rumors had begun swirling late last week.  Moisture out of the Southwest was set to collide nicely with a favorable jet stream and snow was the one thing on everyone’s mind.


You heard it in line at the coffee shop, in the aisles of the grocery store and, most typically, at the bar. Everyone you asked wasn’t shy about giving you their own personal predictions either.

Although some people were talking big numbers (1-2ft) we all woke up this morning to more modest snow totals than expected but still enough to label it a bona fide powder day at Loveland and Arapahoe Basin.

As much as I wished I could have gone skiing today I’m still a few weeks away from getting my season pass. Luckily, the scene in my backyard today couldn’t be more serene and the quite that comes with having all the roommates out of the house is perfect for sitting with my laptop and a cup of tea.

Hope everyone else is having a happy snow day!









The start of November signaled a new beginning for me, and all these new changes couldn’t have come sooner. In addition to moving into a new place, I also landed two new jobs. Take that, unemployment office!

After a few follow-ups with RSN TV, I found out last week that I landed the Saturday hosting gig for Summit Sunrise. Truth be told, I have never really been an up before dawn type of person, but starting the day at 5:30 isn’t too painful, and I’m loving the fact that I will always be up on the weather.

My second gig is with Resort Quest right at Main Street Station in Breckenridge. Can we all say underground parking? Lunch breaks are going to take on a whole new meaning now that I am less than 100 yards from the Quicksilver chairlift!

Things have been pretty hectic lately, and between moving and starting work I haven’t been getting to write as much as I want to. But, the good news is that my new house has a huge kitchen, which should make my life easier when it comes to creating recipes for my cooking blog on Examiner.com.

Did I also mention that the new place has an indoor hot tub? I take comfort in knowing that after a stressful day of working two gigs my worries can melt away in 104 degree water with a glass of wine in hand.

Winter is in the air…

I am always surprised at how quickly winter creeps in up here in the High Country. DSCF3826Flecks of color will start emerging in the Aspen groves in late August and, before you know it, whole hillsides are painted with brilliant shades of gold and orange. Now in the middle of September, there is already a dusting of snow up on the high peaks and it’s been cold enough in the evenings to see my breath. 

Just when I got used to hanging out in a swimsuit, I’m back digging through my closet for long sleeves and sweatshirts. 

Yesterday was Oktoberfest in Breckenridge, and Main St. was packed with people from all walks of life getting rowdy with beer steins in hand. I have to admit that I was a little saddened that there weren’t more people in lederhosen walking around, but there was plenty of drinking to keep things authentic. 

The smell of cooking bratwurst and wiener schnitzel floated through the fall air, and every few minutes small groups of people would erupt with cheers as they raised their glasses towards the sky. 7329_562467897863_20200343_33300225_1995548_n

The crowds looked a lot larger than in years past, and it was good to see that a lot of the local bars and restaurants were packed with people looking to continue the party when the kegs on Main St. were tapped. 

Things tend to quiet down around Summit County during the month of October, and I’m looking forward to kicking around with the local’s crew before the snow flies and the tourists descend. 

Plus, a couple of eateries are bringing back 2-for-1’s to compensate for the lack of visitors. Talk about music to a struggling writer’s ears.