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Never Summer’s “Shred ‘Em All” premieres in Breckenridge

In a year that proved pivotal for pushing the boundaries of action sports films, the guys from Never Summer Snowboards will be the first to tell you they aren’t concerned with comparing themselves with some of the other production companies with big videos out this year. The riders don’t have RedBull endorsements, they didn’t fly around the world chasing powder and the missions into the backcountry weren’t accompanied by a huge crew of filmers.

20111019-124556.jpg“Shred ‘Em All” is a snowboard flick that most riders can identify with. A season spent with friends, exploring local stashes, pushing themselves not only for ‘the shot’ but rather for bragging rights at the bar later that night. A throw-back to how snowboarding films used to be before they started turning into high-definition feature films.

This Saturday, “Shred ‘Em All” makes it premiere in Breckenridge at Liquid Lounge at 520 S. Main Street.

With a healthy mix of backcountry, park and urban riding the film does a great job of highlighting what snowboarding is all about: getting creative with whatever you have to work with.

“Shred ‘Em All” also features local riders Ryan Cruze, Chris Lynch, Nick DeCicco and Jake Williams.

In typical premiere fashion, expect some giveaways, drink specials, music and lots of rowdy locals. Special thanks go out to local sponsors at KSMT, TallT Productions, TV8 Summit and Late on 8, the best place to watch late night ski and snowboard flicks in Summit County.  See you there!



Winter Dew Tour Wrap-up

After five days of guzzling slime-colored caffeine drinks and scarfing down handfuls of Totinos pizza rolls, I will be the first to admit that I am all Dew’d out.

 This year’s Winter Dew Tour was all about playing and partying, and athletes and spectators alike didn’t shy away from going all out on the first stop of the tour.

First, let’s check in with how some of the local riders performed in the competition beginning with the men’s snowboarding Superpipe.

Summit County was represented pretty well in the top ten, with local rider and former X-Games gold medalist JJ Thomas snagging the third spot on the podium with backside 900’s. Breckenridge team riders Steve Fisher and Zack Black took 5th and 6th respectively, but it was Danny Davis’ huge frontside 1080’s that won the judges over for the top honors.

In the slopestyle competition, 16-year old Tyler Flanagan of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., beat out the veterans in his first event as a pro. Local rider Nate Kern (who happens to be my old roommate) did well in the qualifier, but landed in 22nd place in the prelims. 

Jamie Anderson took the slopestyle event for the women with a final score of 92.00,  the highest score earned in a women’s snowboard slopestyle event in the history of the Winter Dew Tour.

I caught up with Jamie after her qualifying run, and the 19-year old from Tahoe was all smiles as she dashed into Peak 8 Village to sign some autographs.

“Oh man, the course is so much fun, I’m having an awesome time,” Anderson said, one day before the final. “I think I did pretty well, but we will see.”

Mike Riddle dominated the men’s skiing superpipe, laying down an alley oop flatspin 360 to switch 900. His score of 93.00 edged out Jossi Wells and reigning X Games gold medalist, Xavier Bertonithe. The always-flashy Simon Dumont, who is used to ending up on the podium, landed in 6th place.

In the slopestyle event, Andres Hatveit of Norway stomped a double cork 1080 off the jumps to take the top honors and was also the only competitor to hit both the Toyota box top feature and the Breckenridge wall ride.

Breckenridge golden boy Bobby Brown suffered a fall in his practice run, and after splitting open his thigh, he required 20 stitches to get back on the hill. Despite riding through “excruciating pain,” Brown toughed it out and was just shy of the podium in 4th place.

After the on-mountain action cooled down, things on Main Street got a little crazy. Lines wrapped around La Cima Mall to get into the parties at Cecilias and Liquid Lounge and trying to get a drink at either place took at least 30 minutes.

Word on the street is that a bunch of crazies actually flipped a promotional Toyota truck over in front on Cecilias on Saturday night. I know that police stepped up enforcement throughout the weekend, so it will be interesting to check in with them and see how many fights broke out over spilled shots.

Dew Tour: Breck set to heat up after dark

As the national spotlight shifts towards Breckenridge for the Winter Dew Tour, a handful of local bars have partnered up with tour sponsors to throw some all out, late-night parties.  Looking at the run-down of events, I’m starting to wish I saved some of my sick days for this week.

Breckenridge has long been known as the mountain town that doesn’t shy away from a good time, so it’s no surprise that the Dew Tour would get the alcohol flowing down Main Street.

It’s going to be a week full of late nights and hungover mornings for those looking to experience all the after hours aspects of the tour. But, word on the street is that Cecilias just received a huge shipment of Totino Pizza Rolls (another tour sponsor) which should help absorb all that booze as you spin around the dance floor scoping out the pros.

Here is a quick look at some of the parties happening around town this week:

Thursday, December 17th

Alli After Dark hosted by Freeskier & Coors Light                                                         

GoldPan Saloon 103 N. Main Street

(970)453-5499,       9pm – 2 am,  21+

$2 Light Drafts, $3 Regular Drafts

Forum Snowboards Party

Cecelias,   502 S. Main Street

9 pm – 2 am 

$3 Red Bull Vodka, $2.50 Tuaca shots

Prize giveaways and special appearances by Forum riders 

Friday, December 18th

Alli After Dark presents Hornitos Tequila and Vice After Party

Cecelias      520 S. Main Street

10 pm – 2 am,  21+  , RSVP at   www.viceland.com/breck

2-Hour hosted Tequila Bar

Saturday, December 19th

Antics Fueled by Toyota

Cecilias,      502 S. Main Street

9 pm – 2 am,  21+ , RSVP at  uptheantics.com/dewbreckenridge

Sunday, December 20th

Alli After Dark hosted by  MetroMix and FuelTV

Napper Tandys, 110 E. Lincoln Ave.

9pm – 2 am,  21+  ,   (970)453- 5499

$3 Cooors Light Drafts, $3 Jager shots

Breck already buzzing for Dew Tour

The second annual Winter Dew Tour is rolling into Breckenridge this week, offering five days of on-mountain action and plenty of late-night partying along Main Street.

Comprised of both slopestyle and superpipe events for skiers and snowboarders, the tour will feature some of the biggest names in the game. We’re talking Tanner Hall, Andreas Wiig, Travis Rice, Gretchen Blieler, Hannah Teter, oh, and some guy named Shawn White.

With a $1.5 million cash purse at the end of the three leg tour, athletes will be looking to stock pile the greatest amount of overall points to be dubbed “Athlete of the Year.”

Things are set to kick off on Wednesday, so here is what the competition schedule looks like.

Wednesday, December 16th:

SNB Pipe Women Open  Qualifier                           11:00-12:30 pm

SNB Pipe Men Open Qualifier                                   1:00-4:00 pm

Thursday, December 17th

SNB Slope Men Open Qualifier                                  9:30 am -1:00 pm

SKI Pipe Open Qualifier                                               1:00 – 4:00 pm

SNB Slope Women Open Qualifier                            2:15-4:00 pm

Friday, December 18th 

SKI Slope Open Qualifier                                             9:00 am -12:30 pm

SNB Pipe Women Prelims                                           10:00-10:45 am

SNB Pipe Men Prelims                                                  11:05-12:30 pm

SNB Slope Men Prelims                                                1:30-4:00 pm

SKI Pipe Prelims                                                             4:00-5:30 pm

One Republic concert at Riverwalk Center          7:00-9:00 pm

Saturday, December 19th

SNB Slope Women Prelims                                         9:30-10:30 am

SNB Pipe Women Final                                                11:30-12:30 pm

SNB Pipe Men Final                                                       12:30-1:30 pm

SKI Slope Prelims                                                           2:00-4:00 pm

SKI Pipe Final                                                                   5:30- 6:30 pm

One Republic concert at Riverwalk Center          7:00-9:00pm

Sunday, December 20th

SKI Slope Final                                                                 10:30-12:00 pm

SNB Slope Women Final                                               2:00-2:40pm

SNB Slope Men Final                                                      3:00-4:00

Be sure to look for Breck’s own Bobby Brown as he goes for his second Dew Cup in men’s slopestyle skiing. The 18-year old Breckenridge Freeride Teammember has been training hard in the off-season with trips to New Zealand and Europe, and now he is back on his home turf ready to get back on the podium.

Keep checking in for more up-to-date Dew Tour information as the week progresses. Should be a pretty action-packed week!

AtOnce Productions presents… “High Life”

Ah, the high life. Doing what you love, with your best friends, in the one of the most scenic areas on the planet. Doesn’t get much better than that. 

So it’s really no surprise that Denver-based AtOnce Production’s newest film would be dubbed the same name, in honor of the lifestyle that many strive for but few achieve.highlife_poster 

“High Life” — sponsered by Never Summer Industries and Echo Mountain, to name a few — is a snowboard film that captures everything there is to love about the sport… and beer that is under $9 a six-pack. A combination that can’t help but go together in this film. 

A few weeks ago, I went down to the premier at the Gothic Theater in Denver to support all of my friends who made it in the video, and celebrate the kick-off to premier season. 

Featuring a slew of local Breckenridge and Denver-based riders, “High Life” puts together a good mix of rails, boxes and backcountry, with a healthy does of humbling rag-dolls and face plants. 

The guys at AtOnce have really gotten the hang of what they are doing over the past few years, and most people who came out to the premier were agreeing it was the best film to-date (despite some technical difficulties with the screening). 

Jake and Gags perfect the product tossWatching the video come together over the course of the season was awesome to witness, and it showed me that while it may all look like fun and games, these guys put in a lot of work to set up and execute these shots. Not to mention how many times they wreck before mastering some of these tricks. 

The video probably won’t hit boardshops for a couple of weeks, but those who couldn’t make it to the premier should definitely pick up a copy when it comes out. There’s no better way to get pumped for the season than to watch a video shot just up the road at all the local resorts. Support the local scene!

Oh, and did I mention I have a cameo? Yea, I play “Girl Holding Beer in Intro with Large Sunglasses and Purple Shoes.” I didn’t make the credit list, but I did have to train very hard for the role.