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Winter has arrived

The rumors had begun swirling late last week.  Moisture out of the Southwest was set to collide nicely with a favorable jet stream and snow was the one thing on everyone’s mind.


You heard it in line at the coffee shop, in the aisles of the grocery store and, most typically, at the bar. Everyone you asked wasn’t shy about giving you their own personal predictions either.

Although some people were talking big numbers (1-2ft) we all woke up this morning to more modest snow totals than expected but still enough to label it a bona fide powder day at Loveland and Arapahoe Basin.

As much as I wished I could have gone skiing today I’m still a few weeks away from getting my season pass. Luckily, the scene in my backyard today couldn’t be more serene and the quite that comes with having all the roommates out of the house is perfect for sitting with my laptop and a cup of tea.

Hope everyone else is having a happy snow day!