Who I am

I still remember my very first journal. I remember opening it up for the first time and hearing the binding creak as the pages revealed themselves as an open canvas. The cover had a picture of two children braving the waves of the ocean on a boat made out of books, with a pencil and piece of paper for the mast. The boy at the helm clutched a book and a pencil firmly to his chest, defiantly challenging the elements with nothing but the pages to protect him. The journal, and the image o n the cover, captivated my 7-year-old mind in a way no other things could. My journal and a pencil, that was all that was needed to brave the world around me.

Since then, I have been going through journals of every shape and size at a record pace. Writing became addictive in my teen years, and once I got to college I realized I could turn it into a profession. I’ll never forget my first “big time” interview for the school newspaper with Jerry Greenfield, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. The story ended up making the front page of the paper and I got to indulge in a bowl of Cherry Garcia with the man who created it. A win-win situation if you ask me.

It’s no secret that media is an incredibly competitive industry and in the five short years since graduating with a degree in Journalism and Broadcast Studies I have gone on to work for four separate media outlets in the Rocky Mountain area.

Working at the Summit Daily News was an amazing experience for me and a great first ‘official’ job for a fresh-faced college grad. It was there that I honed my skills as a detail-oriented researcher, a thorough and engaging writer, and a clear, concise communicator.  Even though I was still very young as far as industry standards go I was given editor responsibilities for a small seasonal magazine and an annual ‘Best Of’ guide.

From there it was a jump to television, getting a part-time and weekend hosting gig on Summit Sunrise on TV8 Summit. Working  on a LIVE two-hour morning show taught me how to think quick on my feet always keeping a smile on my face. I learned the importance of well-crafted interview questions and developed a great rapport with new and returning guests. I throroghly enjoyed working in TV, and loved that fact that I never worked with a script, everything just flowed the moment the camera started rolling. According to my mother, it’s a skill I mastered the minute I started starring in home movies at the age of three.
My time on live television made my most recent transition to radio both seamless and sensible. In 2011 I was hired by NRC Broadcasting to take the helm of the newly created LIFT106 radio station broadcasting in Grand, Summit and Eagle Counties. It was a lot of responsibility for someone new to radio but I jumped at the chance to challenge myself with a complete career change and it was a great fit right off the bat. In addition to my role as the drive time on air personality, I also do the production work for the station including a slew of daily reports, various commercials and if anything ever goes array, I’m the first person to get the call.

Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to learn from some of the best in the industry and it’s incredibly exciting to know this is only the beginning of the journey. So here is it…my platform for my work, my thought and my aspirations. Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned, seems like things are always changing around here.


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  1. Love to see this passion for writing. You have a nice way with words.

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