Get ready to wrap your mind around electro-acoustic

I first met Nic Coolidge somewhere between nap time and snack time at the aptly named Country Munchkins daycare in our small town of Bolton, Massachusetts.  Our friendship had no where to go but forward as we navigated through bad school photos, field trips, birthday parties, first loves and finally moving away from home to follow our dreams.

While mine lead me out west in search of more wide open spaces, Nic’s journey lead him to NYU to study music. Frequent phone conversations keep me in the loop and although we live a few thousand miles apart I still try to check out his projects and am always so proud to see what he comes up with.

Musical talent runs in the family with those Coolidge’s and Nic’s latest project, Knox,  is a collaboration with his beautiful and talented younger sister.  Their unique, dream-like sound is truly like nothing I have heard before. Haunting, energetic  and supernatural, every track I’ve listened to blends smooth vocal harmonies over countless layers of fragmented sound, and it works.

Check out the write-up they were recently featured in at as they get ready to drop their debut EP! 

So stoked for you Nic!!


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