May is the new January

I am writing this from my bed because I have made the firm decision that I am not getting out from under my fluffy comforter until the snow melts. Meals will have to be brought to me, my bedside water bottle refilled when necessary and my tiny little laptop acting as my only connection to the outside world. I will take the occasional visitor and when Mother Nature finally decided to give Breckenridge a break from winter I will emerge to bask in the sun, run through the woods, meditate on mountain tops and do all the other springtime activities I’m desperately ready to start.

Truth be told, it was a fantastic winter to be living up in Breckenridge. My ski season was filled with more powder days than I could count and although I could be out there skiing amazing conditions today, the first day of May, I have to admit that I am ready for a different form of recreation.

May is the unofficial start to mud season up here in Summit County. Most of the major resorts are closed, restaurants cut hours or shut down altogether, overworked seasonal employees migrate to warmer regions, and the rest of us find way to fill the boredom as we try to be patient and watch the snow melt.

The silver-lining to this lull between seasons is that town completely empties out, allowing locals to finally have free reign of post office parking lots and grocery store lines. Most restaurants that do stay open offer crazy deals on everything from 2-for-1 dinner entrées, half-priced bottles of wine and anything else that will drive business during the slowest time of the year. Pick up a local newspaper if you’re looking for the best deals, there are too many to count during mud season.

It’s May 1st, it’s snowing outside and my motivation level is still hovering around zero… good thing I am still in bed.


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