Coming out of hibernation, finally

To say this post is overdue would be a tremendous understatement. The last time I sat down to write,  the snow was melting away from the driveway and sitting  here now it’s piled up past the windowsills outside the house in Blue River.

Truth be told, I finally have a functioning computer again and I feel connected with the world now that I can actually check my email and my bank account in a timely fashion.

This winter is quickly proving to be a busy one for me. Juggling three jobs has become a great test of my stamina, patience, and time management skills, but it’s nice to finally see some results from all the hard work as the dollars pile up in my vacation fund jar. The end goal is somewhere tropical. Central America is a front runner.

Given I have been working hard… I didn’t feel all that guilty buying myself some new powders skis and boots as a Christmas present. We have been getting some great snow here in Breckenridge and as soon as I have some more time to actually go skiing a review will follow on the new Icelantic Oracle skis and the Salomon Quest boots.

With 2011 in full swing, Breckenridge is gearing up for its annual Ullr Fest, a week -long celebration honoring the Norse God of snow. Ullr has been pretty good to us so far this season and everyone in Breck is prepared to go all out over the next couple of days to pay homage to the mythical figure who continues to bless us with fresh powder.


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