The rowdiest wine bar in Breckenridge

When my best friend Lauren came up from Denver last weekend, I wasn’t expecting anything crazy when she suggested we hit up a wine bar she had heard about in Breckenridge.

Her old friend from high school had gotten a job as a server at D’Vine Wine, and so the notion of possibly getting hooked up with a deal on a glass of wine or two was enough to get us in there to check it out.

Located on Main Street right next to The Crown coffee shop on the second level of the mall, D’Vine Wines is rather unassuming, and I have to admit that I pretty much overlooked it every time I was searching for a Happy Hour option.

The glow of the low hanging lights over the front counter gave the place an intimate feel, and we snagged a tall table in the back to catch up on a week’s worth of girl gossip.

But, we quickly determined that this wasn’t going to be the quiet evening we both originally thought.

After our first glass of wine, T.S., the apparent man in charge, came over to introduce himself and offer us some free wine since we were friends with Greg the server. Along with all the other patrons in the bar, he had us yell out our names in an effort to let everyone know this isn’t the type of place that expects you to whisper.

Saturday nights at D’Vine Wines features “Music, Merlot, and Massage,” and at 6 p.m. the place started bustling as a massage chair got set up in the corner offering $1/minute deep tissue massages.

A singer who goes by Naked Pete began setting up equipment in the front of the house, and T.S. grabbed our glasses and moved us to a table right in the thick of things.

“Time to make friends,” he announced with a smile as he sat us with a woman in her 40’s.

Suddenly, this whole experience was starting to feel like summer camp, but with booze.

The speakers came to life and Naked Pete began blasting out all the classics on requests, “American Pie” by Don McLean, “Gin and Juice” by Snoop Dogg, and my favorite Neil Diamond sing-along, “Sweet Caroline.”

A purple balloon suit fashioned to look like a bunch of grapes came out and a free glass of wine was promised to anyone who would put on the suit to attract more customers from off the street.

I passed on the street performance but somehow didn’t shy away from jumping up to help Naked Pete  belt out a few songs, whether he wanted the help or not.

Before I knew it, there were two bottles of empty One Tree red in front of us, with another one on the way, and things were starting to get blurry…  

Every person that walked into the bar was greeted with a loud howl by all the patrons, and I took comfort in the fact that we weren’t the only ones letting loose on this particular Saturday.

This was not your typical stuffy wine bar, and as I looked around at folks starting to get tipsy and rowdy, I realized this place had the heart of a local college hang out with the soul of a boisterous Irish pub.

Maybe it’s not like that every night, but we were sure feeling it.

When someone finally mentioned it was creeping up on 9 o’clock, we realized we had been there for over four hours and called a designated driver to pick us up. The giggling didn’t cease till we got home, where we quickly fell asleep with purple-stained lips. All in all, a very good girls night.

The hangover the next day was brutal, but the memory of belting out “Sweet Caroline” with my best friend was enough to make me want to go back again.

Breckenridge Tasting Room
211 South Main Street
Breckenridge, CO  80424


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