I’m having an affair…. with my Crockpot

Growing up, I had never even heard of a Crockpot.

Sure, my mother made stews and chowders that sat on the stove all day long, filling the house with the sweet smell of garlic, tomatoes and wine. But, I don’t think I ever saw a Crockpot on the counter,  in the cupboard, or even in the attic.

Because I was unfamiliar with the beloved cooking gadget, I have to admit I discredited it for a while.

“Pshh, Crockpots are for cheaters,” I would think to myself. “All you do is place something in there and walk away. I wouldn’t call that cooking.”

Looking back, I should have slapped myself for that comment. Today, my Crockpot rocks my world. Slightly pathetic, I know.

When I moved in with my boyfriend, I inherited his never-used, 3.5 quart slow cooker that had been collecting dust for years. It was cumbersome and awkward, and I questioned why we were even moving it to just sit in another kitchen in the first place.

Needless to say, one night we were out of ideas and decided to throw a pork roast in there. We smothered the meat in a paste made of olive oil, salt, garlic salt, and pepper (Jake’s grandmother’s recipe) and threw the massive hunk of flesh into the cooker with little idea as to what we would be working with come dinner time.

I went to work, satisfied with the idea that dinner would be all taken care of when I got home. I found that my mind was surprisingly at ease throughout the day, like I had little kitchen elves slaving away at home.

After over 20 hours in the pot, the roast was melt-in-your-mouth tender. I’m talking some of the best pork I have ever eaten in my life. No joke, all I had to buy was the roast, everything else was in the cupboard.

That night with the pork roast changed our lives forever, and now our Crockpot is the king of the kitchen, the overseer of the countertop, the master of all cooking gadgets.

Since that fateful day the Crockpot has been a one-dish miracle for chicken, beef, and vegetable sides, and I am now thinking about dabbling in desert, just for kicks.

Someday, when I finally save enough money to buy another camera, I will share some of these culinary adventures on here. For now, take my advice and show your Crockpot some love,  in addition to saving on time, most of the main dish recipes only call for a few ingredients, so your bank account will thank you too.


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