The new Amsterdam? I wouldn’t go that far..

Numbered lists always get me.

“Top 10 Bookstores in the City”

“5 Must-try Cookie Recipes”

“100 Movies to see before you die”

So, when I was surfing through the New York Times travel section the other day, an article about the “31 Place to Go in 2010” caught my eye.

Seeing this was the New York Times, I wasn’t expecting that I would actually be  able to go to any of these places in my lifetime.

For instance, I doubt I’m going to get to Patagonia wine country to sample an award-winning Malbec any time soon, and I’m going to have to find more change in my couch if I have any hope of making it to Kuala Lumpur this year.

Wait a minute.  Sandwiched right between South Africa and Montenegro, there was Breckenridge sitting pretty at #23.

While other cities were highlighted for palm-fringed beaches, developing art scenes, and terra-cotta-roofed villages, Breckenridge reached New York Times notoriety for our new found openness to weed.

23. Breckenridge

The ski resort of Breckenridge is not content to be merely the party capital of the Colorado Rockies — now it wants to be the Amsterdam, too. For its 150th birthday, the former mining town — known for its anything-goes reputation among ski fanatics — recently passed an ordinance to decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana.

But even without the law, Breckenridge has plenty going for it, and not just the town’s main strip, which is already an après-ski bonanza of Irish joints, upscale restaurants and boutique shops. The BreckConnect Gondola now whisks skiers from town to the slopes in a matter of minutes. And the bases at Peak 7 and Peak 8 are barely recognizable from a few years back. A case in point is the recently opened Grand Lodge on Peak 7 (866-664-9782;, which just rolled out a full-service spa and fitness center called Soothe.

Don’t expect any Amsterdam-style “coffee shops” near the slopes anytime soon: the new ordinance applies only to the town of Breckenridge, not the mountain. — Lionel Beehner”       Check out the full NYT article here:

Trying to be Amsterdam? A bonanza of Irish joints?

Last time I checked, our only Irish pubs are Burke and Riley’s and Napper Tandy’s, and I don’t think Breck cops are to keene on seeing people spark up doobies at Starbucks.

Only three American cities made this list, and in addition to Breckenridge, Los Angeles and Las Vegas were cited as alluring destinations.

It’s great to see Breckenridge getting recognized as a major attraction, but it’s strange to think that people would be wanting to come here for something other than the amazing skiing.

Breckenridge, right there on a list of hot destinations between South Africa and Montenegro. Still can’t believe it…


One response to “The new Amsterdam? I wouldn’t go that far..

  1. Nice post, Ashley! The Amsterdam of the Rockies — I kinda like it, it could work.

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