Winter Dew Tour Wrap-up

After five days of guzzling slime-colored caffeine drinks and scarfing down handfuls of Totinos pizza rolls, I will be the first to admit that I am all Dew’d out.

 This year’s Winter Dew Tour was all about playing and partying, and athletes and spectators alike didn’t shy away from going all out on the first stop of the tour.

First, let’s check in with how some of the local riders performed in the competition beginning with the men’s snowboarding Superpipe.

Summit County was represented pretty well in the top ten, with local rider and former X-Games gold medalist JJ Thomas snagging the third spot on the podium with backside 900’s. Breckenridge team riders Steve Fisher and Zack Black took 5th and 6th respectively, but it was Danny Davis’ huge frontside 1080’s that won the judges over for the top honors.

In the slopestyle competition, 16-year old Tyler Flanagan of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., beat out the veterans in his first event as a pro. Local rider Nate Kern (who happens to be my old roommate) did well in the qualifier, but landed in 22nd place in the prelims. 

Jamie Anderson took the slopestyle event for the women with a final score of 92.00,  the highest score earned in a women’s snowboard slopestyle event in the history of the Winter Dew Tour.

I caught up with Jamie after her qualifying run, and the 19-year old from Tahoe was all smiles as she dashed into Peak 8 Village to sign some autographs.

“Oh man, the course is so much fun, I’m having an awesome time,” Anderson said, one day before the final. “I think I did pretty well, but we will see.”

Mike Riddle dominated the men’s skiing superpipe, laying down an alley oop flatspin 360 to switch 900. His score of 93.00 edged out Jossi Wells and reigning X Games gold medalist, Xavier Bertonithe. The always-flashy Simon Dumont, who is used to ending up on the podium, landed in 6th place.

In the slopestyle event, Andres Hatveit of Norway stomped a double cork 1080 off the jumps to take the top honors and was also the only competitor to hit both the Toyota box top feature and the Breckenridge wall ride.

Breckenridge golden boy Bobby Brown suffered a fall in his practice run, and after splitting open his thigh, he required 20 stitches to get back on the hill. Despite riding through “excruciating pain,” Brown toughed it out and was just shy of the podium in 4th place.

After the on-mountain action cooled down, things on Main Street got a little crazy. Lines wrapped around La Cima Mall to get into the parties at Cecilias and Liquid Lounge and trying to get a drink at either place took at least 30 minutes.

Word on the street is that a bunch of crazies actually flipped a promotional Toyota truck over in front on Cecilias on Saturday night. I know that police stepped up enforcement throughout the weekend, so it will be interesting to check in with them and see how many fights broke out over spilled shots.


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