An appeal to Uller

After scraping off my car windshield this morning, I walked back to the house and reached for the door handle only to find the first few layers of skin on my palm stuck to the frozen metal.

It’s not like I needed any reminders in regards to how cold it has been in the past week, and my very own “Christmas Story” moment had me rushing towards our trusty little gas fireplace for relief.

Record cold has been sweeping across much of the state for the past several days, and the frigid temperatures have left many of us in Summit County wondering “where is all the snow?’

The storm front that moved through the state yesterday dumped some pretty impressive amounts of snow in the southern regions. Most notably, Wolf Creek Pass received almost 52″ and Coal Bank Pass measured 42”.

So, what’s the deal Uller? No love for Summit these days?

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a huge fan of the cold, but when the flakes are falling I can at least make do with tingling fingers and toes. Arctic temperatures with no accumulation? C’mon!

With the Winter Dew Tour only a week away, I’m hoping we can at least open up more of the mountain for the onslaught of caffine-guzzling, extreme sports fans.

In the meantime, I’m gonna keep praying for 4ft. dumps.


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