New projects, new endeavors

It’s been two weeks of movin’ and shakin’ for me and I’m happy to say that I’ve got a handful of new projects that I’m really excited about. 

A chance run-in at the grocery store with a producer from RSN Television prompted me to apply for a co-hosting position at the network, and now I’m in the running to be the new face on Channel 8 in Summit County. 1

Having already been a reporter in Summit, I feel like this job is right up my alley and it’s been my dream to be on camera ever since I starred in my first home movie at age five. 

The application process is being run kind of like a contest, so viewers are being encouraged to go online to check out the contestants and vote for their favorite. 

Go to to view my video and give it a rating or a comment. 

In other news, I’ve hooked up with professional snowboarder Pat Milberry and Denver-based photographer Terry Ratzlaff to write an in-depth story for Snowboarder Magazine on the devastation being done to the Colorado forests by the Mountain Pine Beetle. 

I covered the beetle epidemic often while working at the Summit Daily and am excited to hear how the snowboarding community feels about what is being done and how the sport will ultimately be effected. 

I’m ready to dive into some serious research on this one, and think it should be a really informative piece for snowboarders who may not realize the dangerous ramifications that come with millions of acres of dead trees. 

Another thing keeping me busy is a new possible freelance opportunity with a San Fransico-based advertising company that targets affluent men. Their website is designed to be a go-to destination for sailing, equestrian sports, private aviation, wine, classic cars, golfing, and cigars.

I may not own my own private plane, but I’m a big fan of drinking wine and I do have some experience writing for the high class crowd, so we will see what kind of editorial help they need. 



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