Ahhhh, relaxin’ at Radium

Sometimes an adventure is needed. It seems like there is always something to worry about these days, be it money, jobs, relationships or clogged drains. It’s easy to drown in a sea of worry and uncertainty because sometimes it becomes impossible to see that you have the power to inflate the life raft. 

Well, my new mission is to try to take hold of the adventures found in the everyday for the sake of my sanity, and my start was agreeing to an impromtu trip to Radium Hot Springs. DSCF3850

Now, I’m hesitant to give up the exact location of this lovely spa-like retreat, but for those in the know it’s hidden around State Bridge, just north of Edwards. 

Nestled next to the Colorado River, the hot springs are below a steep embankment that is hard to find and tricky to scramble down, but totally worth it. 

It’s hard to find a true “natural” hot springs these days, devoid of signs, man-made steps, and balding men in Speedos. Thus making Radium all the more special.

It’s a favorite spot for many Summit County folks looking to get away for the day, and every time I go I meet someone from my area that has been going there for years.

Stepping into the luke-warm water I suddenly felt at peace. The sun, the clear-blue sky and the feel of the pebbles between my toes made me feel like I was indulging in one of the greatest gifts Mother Nature could bestow. And then, as if on cue, a bald eagle flew overheard, gliding on the thermal wind as it scouted the river for a fish diner. I couldn’t help but feel lucky for being blessed with such a day. 

Jake takes a jump Another unique thing about Radium is that the cliffs surrounding the pool are perfect for jumping off — if you’re a crazy, thrill-seeking type person. 

My boyfriend Jake just so happens to be one of those people, and he wasted no time hucking himself off the very top outcropping into the freezing water below. 

I was in more of a soaking kind of mood, so I didn’t join him as he did backflip after backflip into the river, but it was pretty entertaining to watch. 

We ended up staying in the hot springs as afternoon melted into evening, watching the sun sink behind the distant mountains with no concern for what time it was and when we were going to leave. 

It’s always great to remind myself that adventures like this are only a car ride away, and there is no shortage of beautiful places waiting to earn the title of becoming my new secret spot. 

Chris, myself & Jake

I figure I will be a happy woman if I die with a notebook full of secret spots from all over the world. 

Secret Spot #12: Radium Hot Springs, Colorado

Now, I’m off to find #13….


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