AtOnce Productions presents… “High Life”

Ah, the high life. Doing what you love, with your best friends, in the one of the most scenic areas on the planet. Doesn’t get much better than that. 

So it’s really no surprise that Denver-based AtOnce Production’s newest film would be dubbed the same name, in honor of the lifestyle that many strive for but few achieve.highlife_poster 

“High Life” — sponsered by Never Summer Industries and Echo Mountain, to name a few — is a snowboard film that captures everything there is to love about the sport… and beer that is under $9 a six-pack. A combination that can’t help but go together in this film. 

A few weeks ago, I went down to the premier at the Gothic Theater in Denver to support all of my friends who made it in the video, and celebrate the kick-off to premier season. 

Featuring a slew of local Breckenridge and Denver-based riders, “High Life” puts together a good mix of rails, boxes and backcountry, with a healthy does of humbling rag-dolls and face plants. 

The guys at AtOnce have really gotten the hang of what they are doing over the past few years, and most people who came out to the premier were agreeing it was the best film to-date (despite some technical difficulties with the screening). 

Jake and Gags perfect the product tossWatching the video come together over the course of the season was awesome to witness, and it showed me that while it may all look like fun and games, these guys put in a lot of work to set up and execute these shots. Not to mention how many times they wreck before mastering some of these tricks. 

The video probably won’t hit boardshops for a couple of weeks, but those who couldn’t make it to the premier should definitely pick up a copy when it comes out. There’s no better way to get pumped for the season than to watch a video shot just up the road at all the local resorts. Support the local scene!

Oh, and did I mention I have a cameo? Yea, I play “Girl Holding Beer in Intro with Large Sunglasses and Purple Shoes.” I didn’t make the credit list, but I did have to train very hard for the role.


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